The Golden Age has Past.

Once the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves had lived as near gods, the very energies of the earth had been theirs to command.

The Elves had discovered how to unlock their 'primal core', the connection the sentient races had to this plane, and what powered those with sorcerous blood.

With this newfound skill, anyone was capable of being a powerful sorcerer in their own right, near limitless in power. The Elves shared this knowledge with their friends among the Dwarves and Man, but these three jealously guarded the secret from outside races such as the Goblins and Orcs and Giants.

With this supreme power they built majestic cities and artifacts of great power, they pushed the other races to the fringes of the land, the deserts, the mountains, the cliffs. The Elves and Dwarves almost entirely became a sorcerous population, Humanity jealously kept it to their noble class.

This greediness among the Humans ironically became it's savior.

The Cataclysm happened 60 years ago. Without warning, every creature with an unlocked primal core erupted in an explosion of primal energy as they overloaded. This caused a wave of wild magic that caused nature to change and overgrow. The forests became wild jungles whose vines enveloped and crushed cities.


The Mountains seemed to swallow up cities, alleys becoming corridors, and houses, tombs. The streams became rivers, the lakes claimed majestic ports, and the hurricanes wiped the beautiful City of the Sapphire Sea away.

The Dwarves and Elves became extinct almost overnight, or may as well be as far as anyone can tell, for no one has heard or seen on since that day. The Ancient homes of The Summerglade and The Iron Mountains are now nigh inaccessible. Guarded by fearsome and giant monsters that arose from the earth itself.

The Serpent of the Jungle Seas and the Bear of the Rocks.



Humanity managed to survive, it's fringe communities becoming sole hubs of life. It came at a price however. While Humanity can still harness the arcane through the use of spells and components, Sorcery is dead among the human races.

No longer is there an age where Man can spin magic with but a thought or a flick of the wrist, or when a Man could sing spells.

Most Knowledge of the Arcane was lost when the human cities were retaken by Nature, so Arcane Knowledge is limited in the easiest spells, those of elements and life.

The Delvers are a group of Adventurers and Treasure seekers plumbing through the depths of Charne, a dead Human City that has been slowly retaken through human might and stubbornness. A Section of the city is relatively safe, and a makeshift community has set up shop around it. Five days to the Northwest are the guarded community Azos in the Mountains, where the Delvers base is located.

7 Days West of Charne is the community Hardhome. This community is regularly beset upon by the fearsome Goblinoid races. Largely untouched by the Cataclysm, the Goblinoid races took their chance and began to plumb the wreckage quicker than the devastated Humans could and thus are very fearsome and dangerous to the remaining humans.

The Delvers

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